April 10, 2018


This past weekend, I hosted a group of students who came here to Cortez to take the “Journeys Beyond the Physical” workshop.  In addition to learning shamanic tracking while in the theta brain wave state, sending earth bound spirits to the light and mapping the pathway from death to the exit point out of our universe, they successfully performed the Shamanic Death Rites on about 16 deceased loved ones who were stuck and needed help moving forward on the other side.  This is true service work, and it was gratifying for me to see all of them step up in a very big way. 

On Sunday afternoon I led the journey from death to the exit point of our universe.  It is so important to become familiar with the realms beyond our 3rd dimensional one so that we can navigate them with confidence once we leave the earthly plane once and for all. 

Our final activity was a launching.  After all of the traveling through the realms beyond the physical that we did during those 3 days, this was the final chance for everyone to set their own intent and direct their own journey. 

The topic that I chose for my launch was to gather more information on stargates.  Ever since my experience with Lord Pakal at the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, I was curious to learn more.  There have been several TV shows and movies with the stargate theme, mainly from a scientific or military standpoint where the stargate is a mechanical device.  I am more interested in the organic stargates that one can open at will using their innate energetic abilities. 

So I launched and asked to be taken to a stargate.  BTW—it is also quite common for all of us to encounter stargates during a launching.  They typically look like a star that one enters and pops out the other side.  What a great way to travel around! 

The stargate that showed up in front of me was round, and had a lot of energetic movement inside.  There were 8 “knobs” around the perimeter that seemed to be control mechanisms manned by energetic beings.  This tells me that one has to have a rapport with these beings to be able to create and use the stargate. 

I floated around to the side, and saw a barely visible wide energetic tube leading from that stargate to another one on the other end.  So for this to work properly, you have to have an intent to create the stargate, thus communicating with the beings that help with this, and you also have to know where you are going, which creates the corresponding stargate at the destination with the tube connecting the two. 

Now this is the fun part.  When you enter the first stargate, you do not travel through the tube to get to your exit point.  Instead, the tube shrinks up in an instant, both stargates merge into one and you pop out the other side.  Time and space get compressed!  If one can master this skill, you can go anywhere instantly, assuming that you know what your destination is.  You can even exit our universe in this way, but I do highly recommend that you thoroughly map that journey the “slow” way so that you know where you are going. 

At that point in the journey, I called on Lord Pakal, and we went out to the multiverse to join with the council of beings that hold that format together.  Then back to the Temple of the Inscriptions to take another look at the stargate that I encountered there in January.  That one always looks like it is filled with blue and white moving sparkles. 

I returned from my journey and gave the group my report.  All in all, a really nice workshop with a group of dedicated students. I will be teaching the "Journeys Beyond the Physical" workshop twice in September.   For more information on that, go to the workshop page at www.quantumstargate.com

April 4, 2018


It is the nature of our reality, at least for now, that we are all going to die someday.  At the moment of your transition out of the physical plane, are you prepared?  Do you know what is going to happen?  Where are you going to end up? Will you even manage to get off of the wheel of reincarnation at that time? 

The moment of your final transition is perhaps the most important of this lifetime.  It is a make it or break it moment.  The whole issue of death has been a passion of mine for a long time.  That is why the next level of my teaching involves creating a workshop that will prepare you for this all important event in your life. 

During the last several months, I have been immersed in creating this workshop, entitled “Journeys Beyond the Physical”.  My first group of students will be arriving this Friday, and we are very excited to be delving into this material.  In addition to delving into the above questions, students will become adept at shamanic tracking and will learn how to perform Shamanic Death Rites on a deceased person who is stuck or suffering on the other side. 

This is a preliminary announcement for the workshop before I advertise to a broader audience.  There are 2 dates listed on my website and registration is open for both.  These dates are September 7-9 and September 28-30.  The web address is here. 

Perhaps I will have some interesting accountings of our time together to write about next week! 

March 29, 2018

Don Eduardo

Yesterday, my friend Sandy and I drove the hour over to Fort Lewis College in Durango to participate in a sacred shamanic ceremony with Peruvian paqo, or medicine person, don Eduardo Chura Apaza.  Don Eduardo comes from a long line of medicine people from the Q’ero villages in the high Andes of Peru.  A few years ago, he started coming to the US to do ceremonies, healing work, and to disseminate the sacred teachings of his people.  I first met him a year ago when he first came to our area.  He is putting together a network of contacts in the states, and will probably be coming again every year.  Wonderful! 

The Q’ero people live intimately connected to the quantum field, and in unity with the Earth Mother and all of her kingdoms.  They also do not relate well to the concept of an individual, as theirs is a unified group consciousness.  Because of this, don Eduardo found it difficult to answer some of the questions from the participants that were based on separation, competition, fear or the distortions of humanity as a whole. 

Just being in don Eduardo’s energy was transformational in itself.  In addition to simply radiating the essence of who he is at his core, he created a despacho, or sacred medicine bundle, to which everyone added all of the positive intents for ourselves and our greater communities. 

The despacho opened up a portal that brought higher dimensional energy into the room.
For the participants who were mesa carriers of the Peruvian traditions, a blessing for those sacred bundles was included.  

The whole event was quite a reminder for me that anyone can live this kind of life and merge their spiritual essence into everything that they do in the world.   All in all, a wonderful and transformative event!

March 19, 2018

Vernal Equinox

Twice a year we experience a time when the amount of daylight and darkness are equal.  These are the equinoxes.  As I write this, I am getting ready to host a shamanic fire ceremony this evening in honor of the Vernal Equinox. 

Ideally, at least for the solar cycle, all is in perfect balance on these 2 days, one being the first day of spring, and the other the first day of fall.  But for us, being out of balance seems to be the norm nowadays!  On the equinox, we have the opportunity to examine our lives and set things straight if they are not balanced and harmonious.  This could mean letting go of some aspect of our lives that has not served us, or making amends in a difficult situation.  What about habits and behaviors that continue to throw us off?   

Whatever you decide to let go of, an additional intent should be strongly made that you come back into balance in your life.  Create your own ceremony or meditation to give your intent extra power.  Also, do not delay, as the power of the equinox lasts only about 3 days.

My intent for the fire ceremony tonight is to extend our group's elevated energy to all of you who are reading this post.  Happy Equinox to all!

March 2, 2018

The 8th Dimension

An interesting client session took place right after I got back from my Mexico trip, but I wanted to wait until I got all of the trip insights posted before I got back to business as usual.  So here’s a little background.  I will call this client Jeff, and this was only the second time that I have worked with him. 

We ran into trouble right at the start of the session, as Jeff was having a tremendously hard time focusing in on the issue that he wanted to work with.  I always tell clients that if they are crystal clear and passionate about what they want to change in their life, their Quantum Sphere Healing session will be much more productive.  That also makes my job a lot easier.  We finally settled on something just to have a start to the healing work. 

It turns out that Jeff has had ongoing and lifelong issues with being consistently out of his body, and dealing with certain aspects of physicality in general, such as cleanliness, lack of self care, poor follow through and not being able to attend to the details of his new business.  He is a good big picture guy, but when it comes to bringing that bigger view into concrete reality, there are problems. 

Of course, I cannot divulge the specific processes that I used, but here it is in a nutshell. It turned out that Jeff’s connection to his Higher Self and also Greater Self had been fractured going all the way up through his dimensional levels.  This disconnect was severe but fortunately not complete, or else he would not be here in a physical body at all.  Where in his spiritual “upline” had an event occurred that caused this? 

As a side note, we know that dimensions 5 through 7 are the realms of the Higher Self.  The center of the Milky Way Galaxy is located at the 9th dimension.  This is where all of the patterning for the dimensions below is generated.  I found the source Jeff’s problem lodged in his 8th dimensional energy field.  Now this is the interesting part.  I determined that in the distant past, he had experienced an annihilation event caused by a massive explosion of some kind that caused a distortion in the way he deals with the basics of being in the physical world.

My next step was to determine what caused this explosion.  Was it natural, in other words earthly or from outer space?  No.  Turns out that it was caused by a man made weapon of some sort.  A weapon of mass destruction that caused unimaginable damage, perhaps even a planet killer.  It is also interesting that Jeff was carrying the damage in his dimensional bandwidth where the patterns that have come down from the galactic core are just starting to manifest and gel.  What better place to disrupt his connection to the physical world? 

So I healed the 8th dimensional damage and brought that healed connection to physicality back down to Jeff in the present 3D/4D world where he needs to manifest his goals.  Of course there was a lot more that was done in the session in addition to this.  When I shared this information with Jeff, he wondered if he had been carrying the psychic damage from the destruction of Maldek.  Possibly.  It is believed that this massive annihilation event created our asteroid belt.  How many of us carry the so common fear of annihilation inside of us to this day? 

Also, in the weeks after I returned from the sacred sites of Mexico, twice as I was in that in between space before fully waking up in the morning, I caught a very brief glimpse of some sort of energy grid overlaying my reality.  Could this have been the patterning of the 8th dimension showing itself?  I also journeyed to that dimension during our last launch a few weeks ago and perceived the same thing.  An interest of mine that crops up from time to time involves the ability to manifest objects, food, and detoxify polluted air and water.  Perhaps the 8th dimension is the place to start for that!

February 19, 2018


At last, here we are on our final day of this action packed trip.  This morning, we departed for the Mayan site of Tulum, which is just down the coast from Cancun.  This was another crowded location, again because of its proximity to all of the resorts in and near Cancun. 

Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans.  It is situated on the coast and served as a port for the inland city of Coba.  It is a fairly small walled site, with the main feature being the Temple El Castillo which is perched on a bluff overlooking the water. 

This city reached its peak between 1200 and 1400, and they even survived 70 years after the Spanish arrived until the old world diseases took their toll. 

Here is the Temple of the Wind God with several small altars in front.
More structures.
Look at the crowds!

I found the energy here to be quite refreshing and serene, carefree and easy.  Because of the ocean breezes, the air was clear and refreshing.  It felt like a wonderful vacation spot or retreat for the people farther inland.  Most importantly, I definitely felt that I had been there before, as all was very familiar.  What if I was that astronomer from Chichen Itza?  What would I be doing here?  As Venus was a very important “star” to all of the ancient people of the Americas, what better place to observe it rising than looking east across the water to the horizon!  I could almost imagine myself sitting on top of one of the tall buildings in the early morning hours waiting for Venus to rise. 

After a dinner with most everyone that evening, we said our goodbyes.  I have to say that the elevated energy of the places we visited stayed with me for several weeks after returning home.  It reminded me of the after effects of my travels to Peru and all of the sacred sites there.  Many thanks to you all for sharing in my Mexican odyssey!

Goodbye from one of the local iguanas.